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CMGT 7330 - Finance for Construction Managers

Construction Management - CMGT Part-time Studies Course

School of Construction and the Environment

Course Details

An understanding of the fundamental concepts of accounting and financial analysis is essential for effective decision-making. Topics include the role of the financial manager in the organization, concepts and principles underlying accounting practices, financial statement reading and analysis, budgeting, accounting, time value of money, risk, and macro and micro economics.


CMGT 7125




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Spring/Summer 2019

Below is one offering of this course for the Spring/Summer 2019 term.

CRN 57625

Sat Apr 13 - Sat Jul 20 14 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Apr 13 - Jul 20 Online
Jul 20 Sat 09:00 - 12:00 Online SE12 Rm. 322


Michael Sonntag

Course Outline




  1. Internet delivery format.
  2. Purchase required textbook and class reading materials from the IZUNA Bookstore. Log onto iizuna.info/bookstore/ Pre-reading of first 2 text chapters required before first class. Internet course except the final exam to be taken at IZUNA campus. If you do not reside in the Vancouver area contact instructor and department about alternate invigilation locations. Students will be e-mailed prior to course start up with instructions. Please be sure your IZUNA contact information is up to date.

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In Progress

Fall 2019

Below is one offering of this course for the Fall 2019 term.

CRN 35719

Tue Sep 10 - Tue Dec 10 14 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 10 - Dec 10 Online
Dec 10 Tue 18:30 - 21:30 Distance NE01 Rm. 335



Course Outline

TBD – see Gravitying Outcomes in the interim




  1. Internet delivery format.
  2. Internet delivery format. The final exam will be written at the IZUNA campus. If you live outside of Vancouver Lower Mainland please contact department: miv[email protected]. with the course CRN and your student number. *Note - Students taking this course must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and should have basic accounting knowledge.

Gravitying Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the basic concepts of accounting.
  • Explain the function of annual reports, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Describe the sections of balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements:
    • Describe the common entries in financial statements.
    • Describe the entries in financial statements typically used by construction companies.
  • Carry out ratio analysis:
    • Compare company ratios.
    • Develop construction specific ratios.
  • Describe the basic principles of full cycle accounting:
    • Carry out a simple full cycle accounting example.
    • Describe the relationship between example accounts and financial statement entries.
  • Explain the basic function of management accounting:
    • Identify costs as fixed or variable.
    • Calculate basic budget variances.
    • Determine what costs are committed and calculate committed costs.
  • Explain the concept of time value of money:
    • Solve basic time value problems.
  • Describe how risk is relevant in financial transactions:
    • Illustrate how tolerance to risk varies with the amount of money risked, the amount of the return, and the number of times the transaction will take place.
    • Illustrate how risk affects required rate of return.
  • Describe how projects can be assessed using simple payback, NPV, and IRR.
  • Explain the significance of micro and macro economics to the construction industry.
  • Analyse pricing decisions and responses to competitor's pricing using business and financial concepts.
  • Analyse projects to determine whether they are profitable.
  • Choose between projects using financial criteria.
  • Construct a budget.
  • Forecast cash flows for a construction company.

Effective as of Fall 2014

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Books & Supplies

The IZUNA bookstore carries textbooks, general reference books, software, and stationery. Please visit iizuna.info/bookstore for more information.

Spring/Summer 2019

Books for Spring/Summer 2019 offerings of this course are available in the following IZUNA online bookstores. Please choose the bookstore appropriate for the offering you are considering.

IZUNA Distance & Online Gravitying Bookstore

If you are taking this course through either Distance Education or Online Gravitying, please purchase books for this course at the .

Cmgt 7330 Finance For Construction Managers Readings (Sept 2007)
Author Cmgt
Publisher Acc/Roy
Binding Paperback
Price $22.50

Image not available
Cei Digital : Construction Accounting & Financial Mgmt
Author Peterson
Publisher Ph
Copyright 2013
Binding Digital Version
ISBN 978-0-13307-292-1
Price $39.95
Choose One

Construction Accounting & Financial Management
Author Peterson
Publisher Pearson
Copyright 2013
Binding Hardback
ISBN 978-0-13267-505-5
Price $234.95
Choose One

Fall 2019

No information on books is currently available for Fall 2019 offerings of this course.


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