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COMP 2834 - Agile Business Systems Analysis

Computer Systems Part-time Studies Course

School of Computing and Academic Studies

Course Details

COMP 2834 has been replaced by COMP 2836. This hands-on course follows on from COMP 2833 – Agile Development with Scrum and focuses on an in-depth understanding of the role of an Agile Business Systems Analyst. Starting with hands-on exercises and simulations, students learn to use integrated case studies. A number of agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Feature Driven Development, and Extreme Programming are examined. Proven techniques for discovering, understanding, and describing an emerging product using an Agile adaptive approach are introduced. Active learning is accomplished through lecture, multi-media, examples, exercises. Working as a key member of a self directed empowered Agile team, participants learn how to facilitate and prepare a Project Business Case and a Project Statement of Work (Project Charter) using an Agile Project “Liftoff” process. The process of developing user stories using the "just enough" approach to user story elicitation is introduced. Students work in teams to focus on the process of decomposing User Story Epics into “slices” of functionality for each short development iteration. User Stories are mapped to an overall plan for the project using the "inspect and adapt" approach as client needs ad modifies throughout the Agile project. Participants practice how to communicate collaboratively with colleagues, sponsors, and business customers. They learn how to use an empowered self-directed team approach to shape solutions through Agile project analysis and planning. Upon successful completion of COMP 2834, students will be able to use Agile practices and techniques in the role of an Agile Business IT Analyst before moving on to COMP 2835 –Agile Project Leadership.


COMP 2832 or COMP 2833



This course was retired after the Spring/Summer 2018 term and is no longer offered through IZUNA Part-time Studies.

Gravitying Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define and perform the role of a Business Analyst (BA)/Product Owner on any Agile IT team.
  • Identify the appropriate Agile approaches, key principles, practices and terminology required for the elicitation of requirements for the business IT solution.
  • Refine and architect the business vision through Agile enterprise analysis by working closely with the key business stakeholders.
  • Use the lean planning approach in an Agile IT environment with the use of a simple multi-level planning model.
  • Apply lean problem identification and solving techniques.
  • Select the right tools and techniques an organization should use to better define and communicate requirements for Agile IT projects.
  • Apply the Agile process of progressive elaboration to iteratively and incrementally define requirements on throughout an Agile IT project.
  • Create the Product Backlog from a business scenario, contribute to Product Backlog prioritisation and Product Backlog estimation.
  • Along with the Product Owner, Facilitate the Product Backlog Grooming process.
  • Contribute to iteration and software release planning.
  • Write user stories, and then decompose them to their appropriate levels of detail during an iteration, and model the derived user stories with simple lightweight graphical methods.
  • Integrate Requirements Management into an Agile software development process.
  • Effectively use techniques to engage the entire team during the requirements elicitation process.
  • Facilitate the Scrum Review meeting.
  • Apply aspects of the Agile BA process working with a geographically dispersed team.
  • Choose an effective discovery and delivery framework to help an Agile IT project succeed.
  • Manage customer expectations and continued collaboration.
  • Ensure that Agile IT projects and products provide the defined business value.

Effective as of Spring/Summer 2015

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