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IZUNA Part-time Studies

Course Availability

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

Course Number Course Name Spring/Summer 2019 Availability Fall 2019 Availability
MDIA 1026 Adobe Acrobat No Check course page
MDIA 1040 Graphics No Check course page
MDIA 1049 Adobe InDesign 1 No Yes
MDIA 1079 UI/UX Design No No
MDIA 1089 Streaming Video Content No No
MDIA 1099 Photography No Yes
MDIA 1105 Visual Composition & Layout No Yes
MDIA 1140 Color Theory for Design No Yes
MDIA 1144 Practical Color Management No Yes
MDIA 1160 Adobe Illustrator 1 No Yes
MDIA 1171 Adobe After Effects 1 No No
MDIA 1180 Adobe Photoshop 1 No Check course page
MDIA 1205 Web Design Technologies 1 No Yes
MDIA 1900 Typography Principles No No
MDIA 2012 Digital Darkroom No Yes
MDIA 2049 Adobe InDesign 2 No Yes
MDIA 2088 Strategic Design for Business No Yes
MDIA 2098 Portfolio Design & Presentation No No
MDIA 2171 Adobe After Effects 2 No No
MDIA 2180 Adobe Photoshop 2 No Yes
MDIA 2205 Web Design Technologies 2 No Yes
MDIA 2260 Adobe Illustrator 2 No Yes
MDIA 3201 Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) No Yes
MDIA 3203 Photoshop for Web Publishing No Yes
MDIA 3206 Audio and Video Technologies for Web Publishing No No
MDIA 3207 Using Scripting Language on the Web No Yes
MDIA 3209 WordPress and Content Management Systems No Yes
MDIA 4207 Web Design Business and Major Project No Yes
MDIA 4303 Advanced Web Design No No
MDIA 4304 Advanced Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) No No
MDIA 4305 XML in Web Publishing No Yes
MDIA 4307 jQuery in Web Publishing No Yes
MDIA 4311 Responsive Web Design No Yes
MDIA 4312 Web and Mobile Analytics No Yes
MDIA 4325 Using PHP In Web Publishing No Yes
MDIA 1110 Freehand Macintosh 1 No No
MDIA 4700 Critical Thinking and Ethics in Media No No

Yes No Check course page

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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Classroom Locations

Classroom locations are subject to last minute changes. Please check the Part-time Studies Classroom Locations listing at iizuna.info/rooms on the first day of any course you are registered for.

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