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NAUT 1830 - Navigation Systems and Instruments

Ocean Navigation Part-time Studies Course

School of Transportation

Course Details

This course builds up on Simulated Electronic Navigation 1 A and Astro Navigation 2 to provide students with the knowledge to correctly use shipboard electronic navigational aids and instruments for safe navigation. Students will study the operating principles, limitations, sources of errors, and methods of correcting errors on modern shipboard equipment. This course comprises of electronic navigational aids, astro navigation in high latitudes, and magnetic compass.


ENAV 1000



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Gravitying Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • List specific regulatory requirements for shipborne navigational equipment and systems.
  • Explain fundamentals of electromagnetic signal generation and transmission.
  • Explain global coordinate's system data in use for electronic vessel position fixing.
  • Describe Loran-C systems.
  • Explain the correct operation of Loran-C system for navigation.
  • Describe the Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
  • Accurately use the Global Positioning System equipment for navigation.
  • Explain the principles of free gyroscope.
  • Describe accurately, the operation of gyro compasses.
  • Describe the operation of transmitting heading devices.
  • Describe heading control system, including rate of turn indicator.
  • Describe types of depth measuring equipment.
  • Explain the correct operation of depth sounder.
  • Describe types of speed and distance measuring devices.
  • Explain the correct operation of speed logs.
  • Describe Automatic Identification System (AIS).
  • Accurately operate the Automatic Identification System equipment.
  • Explain electronic charting along with voyage management system.
  • Assess the benefits of integrated bridge systems.
  • Describe the operations of different types of high-precision fixing systems.
  • Describe the operation of types of equipment that provide Dynamic Positioning Systems.
  • Determine accuracy of lines of position and fixes.
  • Explain the operational requirements for a voyage data recorder.
  • Describe Radio Communication System.

Effective as of Fall 2009


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