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IZUNA Part-time Studies

Course Availability

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses for the current term. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

Course Number Course Name Spring/Summer 2019 Availability
NSCC 7150 Dysrhythmia Interpretation and Management Check course page
NSNE 7100 Neonatal Theory 1 Check course page
NSNE 7200 Neonatal Theory 2 Check course page
NSPE 7100 Pediatric Theory 1 Check course page
NSPE 7200 Pediatric Theory 2 Check course page
NSPE 7240 Pediatric Surgical and Neurological Nursing Check course page
NSPE 7300 Pediatric Clinical 1 Check course page
NSPE 7400 Pediatric Theory 3 No
NSPE 7500 Pediatric Clinical 2 Check course page
NSPE 7600 Pediatric Theory 4: The Actutely Ill Child Check course page
NSPE 7900 Pediatric Preceptorship Check course page
NSPE 7910 Pediatric Nursing in the Home No
NSPE 7920 Pediatric Arrest Management Check course page
NSPN 7100 Perinatal Nursing Theory 1 - Healthy Childbearing Experiences & The Newborn Check course page
NSPN 7155 The Breastfeeding Experience Theory No
NSPN 7156 The Breastfeeding Experience Clinical No
NSPN 7720 Contraceptive Management in Reproductive Health for CRNBC Certification Yes
NSPN 7735 Sexually Transmitted Infections Management Modified Check course page
NSSC 7000 Palliative Approach in Nursing Practice Check course page
NSSC 8110 Independent Study in Specialty Nursing Check course page
NSSC 8120 Independent Study in Specialty Nursing No
NSSC 8130 Independent Study in Specialty Nursing No
NSSC 8160 Independent Study in Specialty Nursing No

Yes No Check course page

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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Registration News

Registration is now open for the Spring/Summer 2019 term.

Classroom Locations

Classroom locations are subject to last minute changes. Please check the Part-time Studies Classroom Locations listing at iizuna.info/rooms on the first day of any course you are registered for.

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