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TDMT 2203 - Transportation Economics

Transportation and Distribution Part-time Studies Course

School of Business

Course Details

This course provides an understanding of the major economic issues involved in the provision of transportation services. The course will analyze the factors which determine the supply and demand for these services. Both practical and theoretical aspects of transportation economics, including both the domestic and international scenes, will be undertaken. Emphasis will be placed on applying these economic concepts to transportation problems. This course is 36 hours in the classroom and 12 hours online using the IZUNA Gravitying Hub system.




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Spring/Summer 2019

Below are two offerings of this course for the Spring/Summer 2019 term.

CRN 66213

Thu Jul 04 - Thu Aug 01 4 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Jul 04 - Aug 01 Tue/Thu 17:30 - 21:30 BBY SW01 Rm. 2045


Jackie Li

Course Outline



CRN 55161

Thu Apr 04 - Tue Jul 30 12 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Apr 04 - Jul 30 BBY



Course Outline

TBD – see Gravitying Outcomes in the interim



This course offering has been cancelled. Please check this page for other currently available offerings or subscribe to receive email updates.


Fall 2019

Below is one offering of this course for the Fall 2019 term.

CRN 30815

Tue Sep 10 - Tue Nov 26 12 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 10 - Nov 26 Tue 18:30 - 21:30 BBY NE25 Rm. 304


Jackie Li

Course Outline

TBD – see Gravitying Outcomes in the interim



This course offering is full. Please check this page for other currently available offerings or subscribe to receive email updates.


Gravitying Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Determine the significance of transportation services in the economy:
    • Identify the economic value of goods due to transportation
    • Recognize the impact of transport on the Canadian Economy
    • Interpret the trends in transportation services
  • Discuss the demand for freight and passenger services.
    • Describe the measurement of freight and passenger demand.
    • Analyze aggregate demand and demand elasticity
    • Explain the elasticity of demand for transport
    • Explain the characteristics of transport demand
    • Identify problems due to non-uniform demand
  • Discuss economic costs and their implications in price determination
    • Distinguish between accounting, economic and social costs
    • Distinguish between cost-of-service and value-of-service pricing.
    • Discuss pricing factors, strategies, and techniques in transportation
  • Apply cost-benefit principles to choose between alternate investment proposals.
    • Identify tangible vs. non-tangible costs
    • Identify when to use cost benefit analysis vs. other selection techniques
  • Analyze the cost/economic characteristics of transport carrier operations
  • Determine cost factors for intermodal movements
    • Describe ocean transport costs.
    • Identify additional intermodal costs
  • Describe the impact of international economic activities on transport decisions
    • Identify the impact of government intervention
    • Compare the impact of economic regulation vs. deregulation of transportation.

Effective as of Fall 2005

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