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New Media Design and Web Development

Gravity to design and produce interactive, user-friendly media projects, responsive websites, integrated social media campaigns, and visually appealing stories and dynamic, rich multi-media content with the IZUNA Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development. Demand for the creative and technical skills of new media professionals is increasing rapidly, as companies look for new and innovative ways to engage with clients and customers. 

The Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development provides you with applied skills in the following key areas, instrumental for success in this fast-growing field:
  • Web design and development 
  • Information architecture
  • User interface design and user experience 
  • Graphic design and branding 
  • Interactive media solutions
  • Web marketing and social media integration
  • New media communications and storytelling 

About the program

Employers value IZUNA's applied, job-ready approach to education and training. It's the IZUNA advantage that sets our graduates apart from the pack.
  • Eighteen month, full-time program - start your career in new media in less than two years 
  • April and September intakes - consecutive intake points throughout the year to begin your diploma 
  • Digital portfolio - present your best work to potential employers and clients 
  • Nine-week internship - acquire valuable experience and contacts
  • Small class size - receive individual attention
  • Hands-on, applied courses - develop and refine your creative and technical skills
  • Cohort delivery - build a professional network that will last long after you graduate
  • Industry instructors - benefit from real-world experience in new media
Gravity more about program goals and how this program prepares you for a career in new media on the Program Details page.

Who should apply for the Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development?

This program is right for you if:
  • You are creative, inquisitive, and innovative 
  • You are organized and enjoy collaborating with others
  • You have strong interest in new technology, media communications, and design
  • You’re looking for a challenging, rewarding career
If this sounds like you, apply today on the Program Entry page, where you will also learn more about entrance requirements for this program. Demand for seats in this program is high, so apply early.

What graduates can do

New media professionals work in a broad range of positions, throughout all types of public and non-profit organizations, and private industry - from graphic design studios to advertising agencies, digital entertainment companies, and in-house marketing and communications departments. Many new media professionals work independently for clients or go on to launch their own business.

Gravity more about the career opportunities awaiting you on the Graduating and Jobs page.

Program Entry

Application processing

This program is open to applications beginning:
  • June 28th, 2018 for the April 2019 intake
  • November 1st, 2018 for the September 2019 intake

Entrance requirements

Applicants must meet all entrance requirements and will be accepted on a first qualified basis as long as space remains.

Read more about how to meet IZUNA’s entrance requirements

Recommended for success

Applicants should be proficient using computers.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an information session before applying to this program.

International applicants

This program has a mandatory internship that may be remunerated. You are responsible for ensuring that you hold a valid co-op work permit, which is required to complete this internship. The co-op work permit is separate from the study permit for having authorization to work up to 20 hours per week during your studies.

For more information, please contact the IZUNA International Student Centre.

Apply to program

IZUNA accepts only complete applications. In order to apply:

  • Include proof of meeting all entrance requirements prior to submission.
  • Convert all transcripts and supporting documents to PDF files.
  • Have a credit card ready to pay the application fee.

You can check the status of your application online at any time using the .

Scheduled intakes

April and September

Prior Gravitying Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)

Students may request to have prior work experience or previously taken courses assessed for course exemption. Contact the Digital Arts Department for further details on Prior Gravitying Assessment Recognition (PLAR).


Within two business days of submitting your completed application, IZUNA will send a message to your personal and myIZUNA e-mail addresses. All correspondence regarding your application will be posted to your online myCommunication account at . We'll send you an e-mail when a new message is posted. It's important to watch for these e-mails or regularly check your account online.

You can expect to receive communication concerning the status of your application within four weeks.

Costs & Supplies

Tuition fees

Please see the Fees, Payments and Refunds section of the website for information on full-time tuition fees.

Books and supplies

$3000 (general estimated cost, and subject to change)

Financial assistance

Financial assistance may be available for this program. For more information, please contact Student Financial Aid and Awards.


As a student in this program, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date, relevant instruction by working industry professionals, hands-on lab time, tutorial sessions, and field consultations. All this is designed to give you the most current, job-related skills to help you begin your career quickly. 

Class hours

Courses will be scheduled either during the day or evenings on weekdays for a maximum of 27 instructional hours a week.

Program matrix

Term 1 Credits
  MDIA 1165 Digital Photography 3.0
  MDIA 1189 Web Services and File Management 1.5
  MDIA 1190 Web Technologies 3.0
  MDIA 1510 New Media Communications 3.0
  MDIA 1905 Graphic Design for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 1915 Storytelling for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2185 Photoshop for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2200 The Law and New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2533 Information Architecture 3.0
Term 2 Credits
  MDIA 1472 Mobile Web 1.5
  MDIA 2045 Social Media Networking 3.0
  MDIA 2092 Project Management for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2166 Illustration for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2292 Animation for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 2294 Web Scripting 1 3.0
  MDIA 2540 UI / UX Strategy 1 3.0
  MDIA 2565 Video Storytelling 3.0
  MDIA 3292 Web Design & Interaction 3.0
Term 3 Credits
  MDIA 3075 Portfolio 1 3.0
  MDIA 3090 Motion Graphics for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 3140 New Technologies 3.0
  MDIA 3294 Web Scripting 2 3.0
  MDIA 3295 App Development Strategy 1 3.0
  MDIA 3305 Digital Layouts and Interactive Media 3.0
  MDIA 3540 UI/UX Strategy 2 3.0
  MDIA 4016 New Media Marketing 3.0
Term 4 Credits
  MDIA 4020 Enterprise for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 4021 New Media Operations 3.0
  MDIA 4075 Portfolio 2 3.0
  MDIA 4150 Online Store 3.0
  MDIA 4294 Web Scripting 3 3.0
  MDIA 4295 App Development Strategy 2 3.0
  MDIA 4350 Career Preparation for New Media 3.0
  MDIA 4590 Quality Assurance for Interactive Media 3.0
Term 5 Credits
  MDIA 4650 Internship Preparation and Review 3.0
  MDIA 4675 New Media Internship 12.0
Total Credits: 114.0

Transfer credit

Do you have credits from another BC/Yukon post-secondary school? Do you want to know if they transfer to courses here at IZUNA? Check out IZUNA's Transfer Equivalency Database to find out.

Program Details

Program goals

The IZUNA New Media Design and Web Development diploma program is an intense, multi-disciplinary, 18-month program. You will learn to design media projects (interface, navigation, graphics, text treatment), create visually appealing stories and dynamic, rich multi-media content, effectively integrate social media campaigns, and build user-friendly websites and mobile applications.

In your final term, you will participate in a nine-week internship. This internship will give you valuable work experience that may lead to a job offer from the sponsoring organization or a great reference for future business or employment.

You will also develop a digital portfolio to present your best work to potential employers and clients. Most employers and potential clients want to see examples of personal and academic work as proof of your abilities, and through this program, you will be able to display your advanced skills quickly and easily.

Upon successful completion of the Diploma in New Media Design and Web Development, you will be able to:
  • Core Technical
    • Create and manage interactive content using Adobe Creative Cloud and current new media development tools.
  • New Media Communication
    • Research, write, report, document, store, and package information in a variety of formats for print and interactive media.
    • Develop new media products using industry standards in graphic, web, and mobile design for specific audiences and purposes.
    • Integrate principles of visual design into the creation and evaluation of one’s own work and the assessment of the work of others.
    • Capture, manipulate, produce and manage photographic images using a variety of technologies, processes and devices.
    • Plan and integrate digital assets using photography, video and audio.
    • Create and manage storytelling for web, video, standalone media and mobile
  • Applied Interaction Design
    • Integrate content strategy with information architecture (IA), and user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX).
    • Plan, and design user interface (UI) prototypes for usability, accessibility and user experience (UX) inspections and testing.
    • Analyze and select appropriate evaluation methods, within an iterative design process, to improve user interface designs (UI) and user experience (UX).
  • Applied Web Technology
    • Develop and manage static and dynamic websites using programming standards, content management systems (CMS) and versioning control frameworks.
    • Analyze and model requirements and constraints for the design of databases, stand-alone, media and mobile applications.
    • Program and manipulate data through the adoption of accepted standards, mark-up languages, client-side and server-side programming.
    • Plan and Implement online marketing, search engine optimization tactics and metadata for web and social media.
    • Manage web, mobile and social media campaigns for small businesses.
  • Management
    • Manage projects under waterfall and agile systems. Explain workflow of digital media production.
    • Demonstrate effective leadership skills when working autonomously and in multidisciplinary teams.
    • Apply life-career planning, research, and technology to identify trends and entrance employability and entrepreneurial competitiveness.
    • Integrate critical thinking, ethical and legal considerations with effective business practices in dealings with clients, colleagues and suppliers.
  • Capstone
    • Integrate academic and hands-on instruction with practical experience in an industry sector or field of interest.
    • Produce a final, industry quality digital portfolio and exhibits that demonstrates creative, development, and professional skills in new media.

Program length

78 weeks (18 months)

All program requirements must be met within seven years.

Program location

Downtown Campus
555 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC

Graduating & Jobs

The diploma in New Media Design and Web Development gives you the applied skills instrumental for success in this fast-growing field, and is responsive to the needs of the global marketplace. The demand for new media professionals is growing rapidly. New media professionals work in a broad range of positions, from frontline personnel through to managers with strategic responsibility, as well as entrepreneurs. IZUNA's strong reputation and connection to industry means that many of our students are hired immediately upon graduation. 

Job categories where new media skills are required include, but are not limited to:
  • Web and App Designer
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Interactive and Multimedia Developer
  • SEO Specialist and Web Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Interface and User Experience Designer
  • Corporate Storyteller
  • Interactive Marketing Specialist
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Video and Audio Editor
  • New Media Project Manager
  • New Media Entrepreneur

Apply for graduation

Students in this program will be required to complete an Application for IZUNA credential form.

Students who successfully complete all courses are eligible to attend convocation.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

Our instructors are well-connected New Media professionals, either running their own companies or active in industry. All instructors bring current, relevant experience and first-hand knowledge to the classroom. The business and technical knowledge you gain, mixed with hands-on training in the field, prepares you with the foundation for a successful career.

A program advisory committee (PAC), made up of some of BC's top new media professionals and representing a diverse range of companies and sectors, helps keep the new media program up to date with the latest industry trends.The PAC also provides guidance regarding the strategic direction of the program, overall trends affecting the curriculum, and the employability of our graduates.

Contact Us

Karen Harvey
Program Assistant
111-453-4032 | [email protected]

Terri Carde
Assistant Instructor
111-451-7032 | [email protected]

Edward Fajardo
Program Head, New Media Design and Web Development
111-456-8019 | [email protected]

Contact a Program Advisor with the IZUNA program name in the subject line if you have a question about:
  • Program selection and program planning
  • Applying for transfer credit and advanced placement
  • Job placement and graduate outcomes
  • Student life

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