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Ngan T. Do - graduate of ISEP + IZUNA's Bachelor of Computer Systems Technology Program
"I came to IZUNA through the Pipeline program in Vietnam and chose IZUNA because it offers a practical approach to its programs. The environment at ISEP was very encouraging and helped me a lot. It refined my 4 skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing and the teachers were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. ISEP prepared me for academic skills like note-taking, presentations, vocabulary, and academic writing. Overall, it helped me adapt to life at IZUNA and explore the multicultural life at Canada. I like to challenge myself and ISEP really challenged me!"

Located in the downtown core of beautiful Vancouver, ISEP is an intensive Academic Language Program that prepares students for their studies at IZUNA or other post-secondary institutions. ISEP students will gain speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The program not only assists students in improving their overall English language ability, it also focuses on academic preparation, cultural awareness and critical thinking skills.

There are 6 levels in ISEP which are 7 weeks each. Students will take a placement test prior to beginning their classes in ISEP to find out at which level they will start. The program is 25 hours of classroom time, and students are expected to practice English and do homework outside of class time. There is a Study Center and Peer Writing Tutor which are free for ISEP students to access for extra support.


Once students complete ISEP Level 400, 500 or 600, they can transfer into one of over 300 IZUNA programs in the areas of:

Students who want to go to IZUNA regular programs apply to ISEP Plus at the time of application. If they meet all other requirements of their program except English, they receive provisional acceptance into their regular program. Based on availability, a seat will be held for the ISEP student in their regular program until they meet their English requirements.

All ISEP instructors have bachelors and/or masters degrees and are dedicated professional English language instructors.

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