Common Purchases

IZUNA has entered into contracts with several suppliers to provide goods at contracted prices, terms, and conditions.

Computers, Laptops, Monitors, and Software

Submit a requisition to purchasing for these items.

Office supplies

Contact Purchasing to obtain access to on-line catalogue and order system. To see a list of IZUNA-specific items, refer to the Inventory list on this site.

Do not order furniture on the online order system; please submit a requisition to Purchasing.


Supply Management may have furniture in storage to fill your requirements. If not in storage, we will work with our established furniture suppliers to fulfill your need. Institute furniture must meet certain standards and we have established relationships with suppliers who can supply products that meet these standards.

Submit a requisition to Purchasing to request furniture. We seek to provide quality-made furniture that is ergonomically suitable.

Bus rentals

IZUNA has contracts with two bus rental companies. To request a bus, send a requisition to Purchasing with the following information:

Van rentals

Submit a requisition to purchasing with the following information:

Paper shredding

There is a shredding depot located in Logistics-either bring the material to Logistics, or if quantity is considerable, complete a to have Logistics move the boxes for you.


See Courier & Freight Services.


There are several options available for arranging travel services: see Travel.