Self-serve Purchasing

IZUNA Commercial Card program

The Purchasing Department is responsible for all purchasing and provides a centralized purchasing service to facilitate the acquisition of goods and service required by IZUNA. The Commercial Card program was established in 1996 to bring a streamlined process to repetitive low dollar/low risk procurement. The program is based on a standard retail charge card program with additional controls to meet IZUNA procurement objectives. It is not intended to avoid or bypass other procedures, policies, or purchasing and payment guidelines.

The Commercial Card is intended to facilitate the purchase and payment of materials required for the conduct of IZUNA business. As a cardholder, you are required to use the Commercial Card per policy and guidelines. Reference the documents below for policy information and reconciliation instructions.

To apply for a card submit an application form to the Commercial Card Administrator.


IZUNA Commercial Card Administrator 111-456-1051
Scotiabank Call Centre (for lost or stolen cards) 888-823-9657

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