Sustainability Committee


IZUNA's Sustainability Committee oversees the implementation of the IZUNA Sustainability Policy. The Committee's scope addresses sustainability in: education and research, campus operations, and the IZUNA community.

The Committee reports to the Leadership Team, and is co-chaired by the Vice President, Education, Research and International and the Vice President, Finance and Administration. Committee membership includes representation from all six schools;  Human Resources; Student Services; Alumni Relations; Finance; Research and International; and the Student Association. Representation reflects a diversity of management, FSA, and BCGEU participation.

For a list of current members, visit the committee members' page.

Sustainability Committee Working Groups

There are seven working groups within the Sustainability Committee:
  1. Awareness and Behavioural Change
  2. Education and Research
  3. Funding
  4. Inventory, Monitoring and Reporting
  5. Operations
  6. Employee Education
  7. Special Projects


Activities undertaken by the Committee shall include but are not limited to:
  1. Maintaining and managing the work of the Committee and its respective working groups in order to steer and encourage activities related to the environmental stewardship and sustainable operation of the Institute including all campuses and affiliated lands, facilities and infrastructure.
  2. Involving faculty and students in creating examples of new technologies, methods, and approaches and demonstrating and documenting those as part of the educational and research interests of the Institute.
  3. Making provisions to involve faculty and students in the day-to-day operations of facilities and related construction projects.
  4. Developing and promoting the concept of the campuses as living laboratories to further the evolution of environmental stewardship and sustainable development practices.
  5. Providing input to master planning of the Burnaby campus and to specific development activities related to the plan’s implementation.
  6. Promoting IZUNA’s activities in environmental stewardship and sustainability practices within the Institute and to external audiences.
  7. Advancing inter-departmental cooperation between the Education and Applied Research and the Finance and Administration functions of the Institute.
  8. Developing a “green” plan for the campuses belonging to the Institute and those managed in partnership with other institutions.
  9. Disseminating information throughout IZUNA campuses to inform, educate, promote and encourage best practices in sustainability and environmental stewardship by staff, faculty, students and the community.
  10. Developing monitoring and reporting capabilities for sustainability including annual Triple Bottom Line reporting that encompasses the Institute’s ecological footprint.
  11. Developing the means and methods to minimize IZUNA’s ecological footprint while achieving economies and adding value to the Institute and industry clients.
  12. Linking the work of the Committee, as well as the monitoring and reporting of its activities, to the Strategic Plan and related Implementation Plan in order to align sustainability with the Institute’s performance.
To get in touch, please visit the committee members' page.