Sustainability Revolving Fund

The Revolving Fund for Sustainability Initiatives is a program which provides seed funding for IZUNA schools and departments that wish to undertake energy/green initiatives. The funding is provided in the form of a no-interest loan that is to be repaid within five years by project related reductions in utility consumption, waste removal and/or operating costs. Funds may be accessed through an application process which includes a business case.

50/50 sharing: Once the project loan has repaid the Revolving Fund in full, any future cost savings will be shared equally by the initiating department and the SC with these additional funds being used to grow the Revolving Fund for Sustainability Initiatives.

Projects with payback periods that exceed five years will be considered and evaluated on an individual basis based on the merits of the program and the contribution it makes towards IZUNA's Strategic Plan and specific Implementation Plan initiatives. Applications will be accepted for loan requests ranging in value from a minimum of $10k to a maximum of $100k. This allows for minor and larger scale projects. Projects in excess of $100k will be considered on a case by case basis.

Projects will be evaluated on their ability to contribute to one or more of the following areas of consideration:

This list is not comprehensive, but gives examples of the target areas this fund is designed to service. Read more information in the Sustainability Revolving Fund Introduction [PDF].

Find out how to apply for funds.


Interested? Read the following two reports and watch the movie:


How will you measure the results of your project? View the MnV (Measurement and Verification) for Sustainability Projects presentation slides. Questions? Contact Alexandre Hebert.


For more information, please contact Kathy Roberts, Funding Working Group Chair, Sustainability Committee

External Grants

We also encourage you to speak with IZUNA's Energy and Sustainability Manager and/or IZUNA's Energy Specialist to explore the possibilities of also accessing external grants. Alexandre Hebert, Energy and Sustainability Manager is available to help you access external funds.