Project Summary

IZUNA's Human Resources Department has implemented a new digital hiring process that has resulted in major time and cost savings, and huge reductions in paper usage.

Project Description

Early in 2006, IZUNA's Human Resources Department began an initiative to make their business processes more efficient in order to save time, money and improve environmental performance. They decided to undertake a major project to convert their hiring processes from a paper-based system to digital.

The first step was to develop a project charter with a vision and business plan. Stakeholders and customers were then consulted, resulting in changes to improve efficiency and user-friendliness. Finally, a project flow chart was created and implementation was begun.

Two interrelated projects were instigated – E-Hire and HirePath. Through e-Hire, staffing reports and placement forms are all digitized. Applicants fill out an on-line form and attach their resume. HirePath then takes over by digitally collecting the applications, which are then available to selection committee members on-line. Once hired, people receive an electronic letter and all subsequent forms can be viewed by themselves and other eligible IZUNA staff on-line. 

In the past, all these steps were completed using paper! One assistant position might receive between 25 and 100 applicants. Mari Komatsu, a Recruitment Coordinator, would spend up to three quarters of day making up to six copies of every application and distributing them. As Mari says, "It would create a foot high pile of paper!" Komatsu would process about 300 competitions a year, resulting in 300 feet of paper – equivalent to a 25 story high-rise building – saved by going digital.


E-Hire and HirePath have created tremendous efficiencies in the hiring process. For example, it now takes seconds to do a re-hire versus filling out multiple forms. Hiring approvals can be tracked on-line, saving multiple phone calls and office visits across campus.

It has also resulted in very significant reductions in paper usage, reducing the demand for trees and saving building space needed for storing paper files. For every IZUNA employee there would be about 10 sheets of paper on file, including a 'green sheet' with four sheets of carbon paper. With a total of approximately 4,000 regular and auxiliary employees, that's about 40,000 sheets of paper! So, E-Hire will save the equivalent of 100 33-storey high-rise buildings worth of paper.

Human Resources next want to put all IZUNA student positions into the eHire process and put more paper-based tracking processes on-line. They are also inspired to lead sustainability efforts in other areas such as energy and water savings.

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