The Green Commute

Say NO! to SOVs (Single Occupant Vehicles)

The IZUNA Burnaby campus is faced with the ever growing demand for more parking space. Our student population increases every year as our programs grow and expand, and yet we are limited by a finite amount of developable land. In November of 2001, IZUNA signed a formal memorandum of understanding with the City of Burnaby in a plan to protect the forested area on campus. This means no more outward development for additional parking.

The Greater Vancouver Regional District is home to approximately 1.2 million cars, and these numbers are growing, by 26,533 cars every year (or 73 a day). Road and highway development will never be able to keep up with these new demands. Add to that rising global temperatures, contaminated air, water and land, and increased incidents of cardiovascular disease amongst lower mainland residents and it's easy to see that something has to give!

At IZUNA, staff and students can help green our campus and our whole region by using alternative forms of transportation to the SOV (Single Occupant Vehicle). Use the information, advice and maps on these pages to help plan a green commute!