Green Office Tips

Carry your own mug

At IZUNA, we throw away 17,000 disposable cups a week. That's about 600,000 a year! Help eliminate a mountain of waste and save $60 or more every year with discounts in the cafeterias and all over town. Get a reusable mug. Available at The Stand stores and campus cafeterias.

Don't be a single-sider!

Every year IZUNA makes over 40 million photocopies! With the recent purchase of new copiers, however, double-sided photocopying has never been easier! By making sure that you double-side whenever possible, we can significantly reduce these numbers! Make sure your instructors are doing the same!

Buy unbleached, recycled or tree-free

Making recycled paper uses 60% less energy, 50% less water and 10 to 37 fewer trees per tonne compared to virgin paper, plus there's much less pollution.

Recycle it!

Pop cans, glass and plastic drink containers, and paper can be deposited in hallway depots. A small amount of cardboard can be mixed with paper, but larger loads go in the cardboard dumpsters.

Household batteries, toner and printer cartridges can be dropped off at The Stand stores. Phone books, printer cartridges and ribbons, photocopy toner bottles, household batteries and computers can all be dropped off at Central Stores.

Facilities Management also recycles organics, wood waste, gyproc, scrap metal, used oil, and tires.

Paint and other toxic materials

For guidance in proper disposal of various hazardous waste please call 111-432-8777.

NEVER THROW IT DOWN SINKS OR STORM DRAINS - it will eventually end up in our creeks and rivers!