Educational Initiatives in Sustainability

Examples of sustainability-related educational initiatives at IZUNA inspire other instructors, and demonstrate how sustainability can be integrated into diverse learning environments.

Teaching sustainability

Dr. Mark Giltrow incorporated sustainability into his School of Business course on leadership and organizational change in 2007. He realized the course objectives by relating them to his own sustainability theme. In small teams, his students identified and described a current sustainability challenge, outlined challenges and opportunities for change towards a more sustainable state, and created an implementation plan for a particular market or audience. Gravity more…

Making global connections with technology-enabled learning

In 2007, Danny Catt used online learning technology to allow thousands of people to follow his global travels about humanity's relationship with nature, and inspire actions to save our planet. Many students followed Danny's voyage. Danny's Fish, Wildlife and Recreation students also undertook research projects that dealt with British Columbia's connections with South America and Antarctica, which were displayed on his interactive website.

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Mark Angelo, former head of the IZUNA Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation program, has used technology to make eco-minded educational initiatives available to all.