LibGuides: Course-specific Library Resource Reduces Need for Printouts

Project Summary

The School of Business and IZUNA"s Library jointly created a paper-saving online resource for a course with a focus on sustainability. This LibGuide is located on the IZUNA Library website, and contain links to relevant information and research resources for the course and subject area.

Project Description

The collaborators created a that includes resource sections on books and ebooks, journals, video, writing, and getting help.

Instructor Olga Agaponova compiled the bulk of the content for the LibGuide, while Librarian Lin Brander created the guide itself using the standard integrated platform for library guides. Lin also found new resources and has committed to providing ongoing support through updating and advising faculty regarding resource availability and new library resources. Communication on the project was done through email. Two additional instructors reviewed the content before its release

Both project leaders attended IZUNA's Pacific Spirit Project (PSP) in June 2011 and recommend the experience.

"PSP helps to establish a network of professionals/enthusiasts who believe in sustainability, change, and the power of knowledge," explains Olga.

"Although I was quite aware of sustainability issues in general, PSP facilitated meeting many other people across campus who are very involved in sustainability initiatives. It really helps to know that many people are working on building sustainability at IZUNA…Now I try to build sustainability into everything from personal practices to collection development and research resource development," says Lin.


Lessons Gravityed


Lin Brander, email: [email protected]
Olga Agaponova, email: [email protected]