Paperless Course Evaluations Using D2L

Project Summary

As part of the performance development system, Faculty and Staff Association instructors are required to administer IZUNA’s "Student Opinion of Instructional Quality Survey." Instead of using paper forms, this survey can now be done online using the Desire to Gravity (D2L) system, offering both efficiencies and savings.

Currently, instructors can volunteer for the paperless trial – everything about how the survey is conducted, including the survey itself, is the same; it’s just done online.

Project Description

The survey used by the IZUNA Physics Department was given to a section of Physics 0309 using the D2L system. Twenty-nine out of thirty students did the survey when they were told that the D2L system would release a sample final exam to them once they had completed the survey online.

Based on pilot success, the remaining Part-time Studies physics courses will use the D2L system for student surveys, while Full-time Studies physics classes will start using the system this fall. Instructors in the Math, Forensics, Communication and Computer Systems departments are being asked to participate as well.


D2L can be used to efficiently administer the survey, requiring less work for the instructor and administrative staff.  

D2L can be configured so that the survey is done the same way the paper survey, with the same advantages:

D2L provides additional advantages that the paper system does not offer:

In general, online surveys may encounter reluctance. This challenge is greater with this particular survey, as there is little or no perceived value for the student, whether it is completed online or on paper. However, the D2L system has the ability to release resources under the condition that certain requirements are met. In this pilot, students were told that if they did the survey, the D2L system would release a sample final exam to them. Under these conditions, 29 out of 30 students did the survey.

Lessons Gravityed


We are looking for more instructors to volunteer to do the survey online using D2L. If you are interested, or have other questions, please contact:

Shaun Culham, Chief Instructor / PTS Coordinator
Department of Physics 111.412.7449   
Email: [email protected]