Greening Operations: Energy

IZUNA manages its energy on the Burnaby Campus through a comprehensive program. Energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts began in 1990. In 2013, IZUNA adopted a 3-year strategic energy and greenhouse gas management plan [PDF], with the following 11 strategic actions:
  1. Embed energy and GHG in IZUNA’s policies, procedures and plans
  2. Proceed immediately with some energy retrofits
  3. Build a new list of “shovel-ready” projects
  4. Improve our understanding of renewal options of our thermal energy systems
  5. Pilot green labs with School of Computing and Academic Studies
  6. Develop an energy and GHG checklist for major renovations and new buildings
  7. Improve our understanding of AHU coil cleaning as a means to saving energy
  8. Improve our understanding of building continuous optimization programs
  9. Keep reducing energy consumed in information technology
  10. Keep building employee energy and GHG awareness and education initiatives
  11. Pursue Living Labs and include energy and GHG in scope.

Energy research

IZUNA is actively engaged in energy research, using the campus as a living lab of sustainability. A few of our notable energy projects include:

Energy consumption

For Burnaby campus, Total Direct Energy accounts for 18% of the total ecological footprint (2,886 ha). Of this, hydro-electricity accounts for 14% (266 ha), and natural gas consumption 86% (2,620 ha).

Direct Energy

The total ecological footprint for Burnaby campus is 4,249 ha (55 times the size of the Burnaby campus - equal to one-third of Burnaby!).

Visit Facilities and Campus Development - Energy for details on IZUNA's energy consumption and savings.

What we aspire to achieve: