Green Roof Research and Education at the GNWC Campus

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IZUNA's Great Northern Way Campus is home to , where vegetation-growing roofs are tested, demonstrated, taught about, and improved upon.

Both durable and affordable, green roofs reduce stormwater run-off, insulate buildings to lessen energy use, improve air quality by increasing "green space", offer habitat, and more!

Vancouver green roofs reduce roof runoff by 28%, according to IZUNA research. Wise water management means conserving by reducing use and wastewater production. Unabsorbed rain and other water is "stormwater" that usually runs off roofs and pavement into storm drains. So, green roofs use water that could have become waste, and help reduce storm sewer discharge.

Stormwater can contain oil, gas, sediment, fertilizers, and other contaminants. Heavy rains can overwhelm our systems and allow untreated water into streams. Stormwater treatment also requires a lot of energy and infrastructure.

In addition, over 200 IZUNA students from over 10 technologies helped "green" IZUNA when they aided in the construction of the Green Roof Research Facility at the Architectural Ecology Centre.

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What we aspire to achieve:

Become water balanced

Become greenhouse gas neutral
Be equitable and socially responsible