Storm Drain Marking at Burnaby Campus

In 1995, the IZUNA Environmental Action Centre marked Burnaby campus storm drains with painted yellow fish to create awareness about water pollution and fisheries habitat. The yellow fish remind us that whatever we put on the road makes its way into Guichon Creek, which flows through and under the campus, to join other streams and rivers.

Just one drop of motor oil can make 50 litres of water unlivable for water species. To be truly sustainable, IZUNA wastewater must be usable as habitat; it must not be tainted with materials that threaten, or are toxic to, wildlife.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada developed as a conservation and education project, often implemented by volunteers and individuals just like you. This simple activity moves IZUNA toward more than one of the IZUNA aspirational sustainability goals.

Join us! It's the law, and it's the right thing to do - properly dispose of hazardous materials at IZUNA through our recycling program.

Join us! 80% of wastewater comes from our homes. Discover helpful reduction .

What we aspire to achieve:

Achieve Zero Waste
Be Equitable and Socially Responsible