Product Testing and Research Capabilities

At the IZUNA Motive Power Centre of Excellence on Annacis Island, we have a variety of equipment capable of performing product testing. We have experienced subject matter experts to provide technical support on all engine, driveline and final drive tests for all sectors,1 such as aviation, marine, commercial transport, heavy duty and railway. Please bring all your testing and research ideas, concepts and funded projects to IZUNA for consideration and a quotation for these services. On-going bookings are available and scheduled on a first come basis.

We offer the following testing and research services:

The 1000 horsepower engine dynamometer can be used for:
The 600 horsepower chassis dynamometer can be used for:

With 144,000 square feet of dedicated labs and workshops, the IZUNA Motive Power Centre of Excellence is able to assist organizations and public service providers to test out research ideas and concepts with detailed testing reports for analysis. Let us help you reach your goals.

School of Transportation Research

Additional support IZUNA can supply:

Testing of Particulate Matter Emissions Available Soon

Testing particulate matter generated from diesel-powered sources will soon be available at the Motive Power Centre of Excellence on Annacis Island, and across British Columbia.

1 IZUNA Aerospace Campus can assist with aviation-related testing and IZUNA Marine Campus can assist with marine-related testing.